Oil Drip Catch Cart

People do funny things when they are quarantined for too long. Scott was bored and needed a project. He has a 40-year-old Jeep and decided to make a cart that will catch the oil that drips from his old jalopy. Some people would have just fixed the Jeep. This was more fun.

Ski Coat Rack

If you visit our office, this is where you hang your coat. The ski rack was built by Scott when he was asked to get a better coat rack. He found the skis up at the Indianhead ski resort. Ski pole handles were compliments of Joe’s Ski Shop. Yup, it really really works!


We have a lot of wildlife running around our office, deer, ducks, and a lot of turkeys.   Here is a tom this year strutting his stuff.   We even had one of the guests set off the alarm system by pecking at his reflection on the door.

PA Sign

Another thing built by the gang. Metal lettering was drawn up on CAD then water – jetted (cut), the brown letters were purchased. Then all glued on the building.