12 Jul
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Ross Orthodontics

Check out this brand-new dental office for Ross Orthodontics in Forest Lake.
25 Jun
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Diamond Lake Dental

When you’re there, they want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and right at home. 

20 Jun
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It’s patio season!

B-52 BURGERS AND BREW, 5639 Bishop Ave., Inver Grove Heights is on the list for one of twincities.coms 2019 favorite patio restaurants in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro.

17 Jun
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Lift Dental

Sara Cody has Launched Lift Dental in the historic charming downtown of Stillwater, MN carrying on the dental clinic’s 73 year legacy of excellence in dentistry. This brand-new dental boutique fosters a positive, uplifting, and motivating environment. Lift dental embodies the spirit of team building and emphasizes mutual respect and empowerment to perform one’s best both professionally and personally.

12 Apr

Progressive Architecture has worked with the medical device company Minnetronix for over a decade, remodeling and constructing new offices and labs. The interior design and color palette reflects the high tech, yet casual company culture.

03 Apr

A beautiful entryway is one of those discrete necessities that can have a major effect in your home's look and feel. Like trim or molding, most entryways go genuinely unnoticed, however, they can dramatically affect the appearance of the home/room. Since the greater part of us buy or lease homes with the entryways already installed, we frequently look directly past them.

26 Mar
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Site Design

Site planning in landscape architecture and architecture refers to the organizational stage of the landscape design process. It involves the organization of land use zoning, access, circulation, privacy, security, shelter, land drainage, and other factors. This is done by arranging the compositional elements of landform, planting, water, buildings and paving and building. Site planning generally begins by assessing a potential site for development through site analysis. Information about slope, soils, hydrology, vegetation, parcel ownership, orientation, etc. are assessed and mapped. By determining areas that are poor for development (such as floodplain or steep slopes) and better for development, the planner or architect can assess the optimal location and design a structure that works within this space.


There is a lot to consider when choosing a site to build on. This video takes a look at the different ways to design with the surroundings in mind.


19 Mar
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Parking Relationship To A Building

Not only are there countless ways to approach a building on foot, but parking options are endless as well. Here, watch how the relationship between buildings and parking locations combine functionality and site design.

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