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Oil Drip Catch Cart

People do funny things when they are quarantined for too long. Scott was bored and needed a project. He has a 40-year-old Jeep and decided to make a cart that will catch the oil that drips from his old jalopy. Some people would have just fixed the Jeep. This was more fun.


In a world where everything is high-tech, digital and automated, it is difficult to imagine where the art of hand drawing is still valuable in the architecture profession. While flipping through an architecture magazine, we will come across the “napkin” drawing, the inspiration for some starchitect’s latest design, but it is accompanied by full, digital …



Colors influence how you feel – energized, calm, cheery, relaxed, intense, even depressed Not just hue, but saturation, tint, and brightness. Hue – pure color, tint is original color + white (lighter than original color), shade is original color + black (darker than original color), saturation defines a range from pure color to gray Just …


Wright was right: form and function fuel design

By Shannon Riley/Contributing Writer Iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright was guided by the philosophy that “form follows function and imparts the character of a structure.” Avid water sports and iceboat enthusiast John Stasieluk and contractor Mark Olson of Applewood Builders are applying Wright’s philosophy. They have designed a barn that is functional and architecturally unique …

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It’s Patio Season!

B-52 BURGERS AND BREW, 5639 Bishop Ave., Inver Grove Heights is on the list for one of twincities.coms 2019 favorite patio restaurants in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro. It’s patio season! Here’s the 2019 guide to our favorites in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro This popular restaurant expanded its entertaining space to the roof to become the …

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Architectural Details

If you want to add personality — consider upgrading with architectural details for your next project. Regardless of the style of your project, there’s no one way to give it an eye-catching character. At Progressive Architecture each project begins with the realities of budgets and timetables. We do a lot of listening. Then we put …

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