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Advanced Molding Technologies 04 November
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This plastic molding company’s success necessitated expansion into another building on their campus. As their clients are major medical companies, they wanted to ratchet up their image to appeal to their clientele subliminally.

Although budget conscious, Progressive Architecture was able to design the space with refurbished work stations, a current color palette and edgy materials that reflected the Owner’s interest in aviation.

BevSource 21 August
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Progressive Architecture previously worked with BevSource (formerly PSI) on an addition to their existing office. This most recent project was the complete renovation of a dated office space to accommodate the growing company. Extending the concepts of Progressive’s work for BevSource in the past, the result are a creative and efficient take on a traditional office environment. The space includes a unique beverage area, cubicle space, break room, areas for collaborative working, as well as conference rooms, and private offices. The most successful projects result from having a great client, an accomplished contractor, and a creative architect.

10 October
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Fujitsu (formally BORN)

Continuing with a long-standing client, this project involved a consolidation move into a newly leased space. The leased space consisted of multiple office suites, formerly leased by four other disparate groups.

The project goal was to consolidate space and unify those separate office suites without losing the client’s established corporate image and the influence that image had on employees’ morale.

This goal was accomplished by salvaging millwork, lighting fixtures and furniture from the client’s former space and incorporating these items into the new space. A palette using bold graphics and saturated colors completed the unification of the spaces. The project was accomplished with minimal demolition and reconstruction.

10 October
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Minnetronix, Inc.

Minnetronix manufactures medical devices. Their office/ R&D lab was designed with a focus on employee needs. The space was equally split between remodel and new construction. A main street concept serves as a bridge between the new and remodeled areas and also connects the offices with the R&D labs. The design reflects a high tech yet casual aesthetic that mirrors the company’s unique business practice. The space even features a gymnasium for pickup basketball games! An adjacent staff lounge overlooks the gym as well as a nearby wetland.

10 October

Orion Associates is a successful management services firm serving non-profit human services organizations. Their success required them to double the size of their offices. The design challenge for this project was to make a significant addition aesthetically complimentary to the original early seventies office building.

Of the utmost concern to Orion was projecting the appropriate image, including a “green design” philosophy and adding an on-site daycare facility. The company was dedicated to managing their construction budget so that they would be able to continue to fund the many charitable organizations with which they are involved such as the River of Hope. This charity provides relief to areas suffering from natural disasters, like those in Louisiana and Southern Minnesota.

The design met all of these goals using inexpensive metal panels for siding and fascia treatments, glazing for controlled day lighting and other economical building strategies. The resulting building was submitted to the USGBC, and achieved LEED Gold certification, and was a contributing factor to Orion Associates winning the 2008 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award. Congratulations to everyone at Orion!

04 November

Now relocated to White Bear Lake, Progressive Architecture chose to highlight their talents by converting an old office manufacturing building into their new design office.

Removing the typical acoustical ceiling to expose the metal deck opened up the space to feature up lighting. Partial height walls help to define spaces and create conferencing areas, work areas and semi-private offices.

Fun materials and graphics highlight their creativity and help to illustrate design ideas and concepts in order to sell them to their clients.